Finally A Cabinet Switch
That Can Meet The Growing Copper Demands!
ITS Express, Your Only Choice
For ITS Network Solutions
ITS Express offer a complete line of Hardened Ethernet Switches
that have been specifically engineered to handle the daily demands of
real time ITS IP Video Multi-Cast Networks. By responding to customer
requirements and networking demands, ITS Express has developed
comprehensive solutions ensuring Traffic professionals a more secure,
shared and managed networks.

Maximize your video wall scalability with the most versatile
hardened Layer 2 Ethernet switches available. Full wire speed connectivity
developed specifically for the Hardened ITS Multi-Cast space, designed by the
brightest ITS personnel in the industry backed with decades of real time
proven ITS field experience.

Our networking switches are recognized within the ITS industry
as being easy to install, use and service greatly reducing the field
support normally associated in keeping your network up and running. The
ease of installation and operation of an ITS Switch means added value,
a lower total cost of ownership and a real time field solution that you
can count on. Contact ITS Express and make your Multi-Cast easy.
its_express_rev_1.4_001022.jpg its_express_rev_1.4_001021.jpg its_express_rev_1.4_001020.jpg
8 Port 10/100/1000TX
Copper Ports
4x 100 or 1000 Dual Speed
Hybrid SFP Ports
56GBPS Back-Plane
Mix & Match Fiber
City Of Gainesville Traffic Management Center
Video Wall - Powered By ITS Express
its_express_rev_1.4_001002.jpg its_express_rev_1.4_001001.jpg